Swift Shift

Manage your macOS windows like a pro

Swift Shift lets you move/resize windows with your mouse without searching for tiny arrows or window titles. It's the fastest way to organize your workspace to your liking.

Launch once and forget.

Swift Shift runs in the background, setup your shortcuts and go on with your day.

Want to launch at login? No problem

Want to hide the menubar icon? No problem


Use the mouse buttons too

If you want to match the behavior of some Linux distros, you can include the mouse buttons in your shortcuts to move/resize windows.


Smart resizing with Quadrants

By default, it will resize the window from the bottom-right corner.

But, you can choose to use quadrants, which will resize the window from the edge/corner that's closer to your mouse. (explanation)

Free as in freedom.

I made this project cause it's something I always wanted to have. I had no idea about Swift or macOS APIs, I learned most of it using ChatGPT and looking at other open source projects.

Feel free to checkout the code, open an issue, or contribute with a PR.

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